Menthol & Mint Oils

The popularity of Bhagat's Menthol and Mint oils is remarkable. It adds a tang and freshness to all it touches. Mint is in great demand for flavouring confectionery, chewing fum, cigaretters and toothpastes. It's also used in shaving gets, shampoos and wide range of cosmetics. In India the largest market for mint is of course the pan masala, gutka and zarda(chewing tobacco), scented betelnut ones.


Bhagat - The Company


The Bhagat - Stamp of Quality

Allow us to introduce ourselves as Bhagat Aromatics Limited Pioneers in the manufacture of Menthol Crystals, Mint Oils and essential oils. Leading for over 30 years, we are a well established and reputed name in the Indian industry.

  At Bhagat we believe that crystalization is both a science and an art. And in an effort to bring you the finest and purest of crystals, we start our quality control from the very first stage of our manufacturing process. We take our Menthol through the process of multi purification.



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